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Vehicle Violations

Registration, insurance lapse, speeding, and more. Greenberg & Greenberg can help make your situation better. Contact us today.

Greenberg And Greenberg Traffic Lawyer


Don't loss everything by doing nothing. Serious fines, insurance increase, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time can be avoided with representation. Greenberg and Greenberg dwi dui lawyer 

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New York traffic lawyer specializing in DWI & DUI cases. 

  • New York Traffic Violations

  • New York DWI/DUI

  • New York Vehicle Violations​

  • You can speak directly to an attorney about the circumstances surrounding your ticket 
  • We go to court so you can be at work or home with the children.

  •  We will provide you with a realistic assessment of what can be accomplished 

  •  We will obtain your NYS DMV driving record so that we can intelligently advise you regarding your case

  •  We will quickly communicate with the court involved and let them know we represent you

Traffic Violations

DMV records register all pleas of guilt and points are recorded. Having a lawyer can assist in our traffic violation. Greenberg and Greenberg traffic lawyer can help.

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